"Be your self in your own way"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy anniversary !

happy anniversary for us because it was a year passed..our relationship is running smoothly..hopely our relationship will last forever..Amen..

Just flashback our love
Let me begin this word, this prelude to an encounter, formally, as a declaration, in the old-fashioned way, i love you. You do not know me (although you have seen me, smiled at me). I know you (although not so well as i would like. I want to be there when your eyes flutter open in the morning, and you see me, and you smile. Surely this would be paradise enough?). So i do declare myself to you now, with pen set to paper. I declare it again: I love you till the last of my life.

20 ways to make your relationship successful

1.Make sure you want to be in a relationship and
that the person you are with is right for you.

2.Trust each other.

3.Be a little flexible in terms of how much
closeness and togetherness you need.

4.Learn how to communicate in ways that will
promote your relationship and build closeness and
understanding between you. For example, show
respect, not criticism.

5.Learn how to love yourself and how to be in
touch with your own emotions don't deny or
suppress what you may be feeling or thinking.

6.Find ways to keep the passion in your
relationship alive. Stay sweet, thoughtful and
caring. Be loyal or faithful  and don't forget to say I love you.

7.Learn to tolerate adversity and stress.

8.Experience life together as an adventure.

9.Accept also each other's difference in traits and

10.Take time out of each day to grow your
relationship together.

11.Get over your ex's. Don't flirt with them
still or somebody else while you're in a
relationship. Making friends is not bad. But
flirting is different from "just making friends".
Its how you do it. You should know your
limitations. Have some respect for your partner.

12.Don't lie to your partner especially when
you're already caught in the act or there's
evidence to it.

13.Learn to say SORRY for all your faults.

14.Lower your pride especially if you know you
need your partner and you don't have anyone else.

15.Don't take your partner for granted. It's not
good that you draw on your partner for your
personal satisfaction or for your benefit.

16.Don't be insensitive.

17.Don't be fickle-minded, narrow-minded and

18.Don't be boastful of the things you have

19.Be contented with what you have. Be proud of
your partner.

20.Always be happy.