"Be your self in your own way"

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hated it..

Why all this happened to me?
why me?
why there are people who do not satisfied with me?
why should anyone interfere with my life?
why can not i be happy and quiet like everyone else?
whether i do not worth for a taste of all that?
once again why me?

sometimes i felt i was giving up for all this
was not easy to forget the promise of my own
what should i do?
my God please help me
i don't want anyone hurt
i love our relationship
more than of myself

if can
i want to run away from all these problems
i am not like the other people
always run away from problems

life is only once
i must exploit the opportunities that available to me
i must defend all of this
i should not give up
i should go through all this with patience.

i really hate someone...i regret to know her..i should have never known people like that !! didn't know how to understand the would never saved in my memories..after what you did..never..!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Cinta sejati
apa yang tidak dikatakan
apa yang tidak dijelaskan
sebab cinta tidak datang dari
atau fikiran

Trying to understand this words..

Orang yang sayang kita
memang sayang kita
orang yang kita sayang
belum tentu sayang kita

Betapa baiknya andai
orang yang sayang kita
orang yang kita sayang

Kristal -puteri cinta hati

this song especially to my only one
that i really love and i care
i don't want to make you number one in my heart
but i want you to be my ONLY ONE
i want you to remember that my heart never change on you.

Di hati kaulah puteri
di hati kau kucintai
kau amat aku sanjungi
di hati ku tetap menanti
di hati kan kupastikan
kau menjadi milikku hakiki


malam cinta kita
hatiku bertanya
terpendam kian lama
inginku luahkannya

Di hati kaulah puteri
di hati kau kucintai
kau amat aku sanjungi
di hati ku tetap menanti
di hati kan kupastKAN kau menjadi
milikku hakiki

Makin ku dekati
ku selami
dan dirimu kasih
bagaikan yang kuimpikan
makin ku fahami
ku sayangi
tiada lain
kan menjadi ganti

Makin ku dekati
ku selami
dan dirimu kasih
bagaikan yang kuimpikan
makin ku fahami
ku sayangi
tiada lain
kan menjadi ganti

di hati ku tetap menanti
di hati kan kupastikan kau menjadi milikku hakiki
kaulah puteri..
kauku cintai
kaulah dihati

Monday, September 27, 2010

This picture..?

so sweet..! haha

so, how ? sweet kan..really sweet dare you say not nice..cish..jealous lar tue..muahaha..naaa..inilah kejadiannya bila saya rasa boring yg teramat sangat..haha..payah/susah juga pula pasal mengedit2 gambar nie..punya lama saya edit nie.. is not just a photo, but that is a true relationship..hehe.. okay..let me introduce who is pair in the picture..^_* need lar kan..haha..x ptg juga pun..ceyh..ada juga nama tertulis dalam gambar kan..hahaa...if mau tngo tue gmbar lebih jelas..just klik the picture..hahaaa..mcm promosi pula tau..muahahaa..:)

Perhubungan itu ibarat sebuah rumah
tak perlu cantik dan mewah
yang penting ada 4 tiang yang kukuh..iaitu?
kejujuran, keikhlasan, kesetiaan dan kasih sayang.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

May you blessed with all these things..!

Nothing to do, i want to share something..this is a poem about life..just enjoy reading my post/poem..:)

A little more joy
A little less stress
A lot more recognition of
Your wonderfulness.

Abundance in your life
Blessings in your days
Dreams that come true
And hopes that stay.

A rainbow on the horizon
An angel by your side
And everything
That could ever bring
A smile to your life.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

pilot band - sepanjang hidupku..!

Dengan dirimu kini ku bahagia
Tak henti kau berbagi canda tawa
Hilangkan gairah lelah hatiku
Hadirmu mengubah arti hidupku

Jadilah aku tawanan cintamu
Kuserahkan seluruhnya untukmu
Kupenuhi semua yang kau inginkan
Tiada yang penting selain dirimu

Sepanjang hidupku hanya ingin bersamamu
Di setiap waktu
Di setiap waktu
Sepanjang hidupku telah kurelakan dirimu
Tuk tak tinggalkan aku
Tuk tak tinggalkan aku

Sejuk kasihmu sampai ke tulangku
Hingga detak jantungku kan berhenti
Senyum manismu sinari hatiku
Tulus setia cintaku hanya untukmu

I like this song so much… sendiri lar if suka dengar..haha..:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

New home..!♥

yess..finally, we can live well in the new house..hehe
live in a house is more comfortable than staying in a small room..huu..very different lar..
standard of living has, demand will be higher..cish..knun lar.
monthly rental of our new house is rm700...expensive? don't know...
expensive because a lot of furniture that can be used and was fully equipped..

arggh..everyone is busy as many of the assignment given by lecturer..including me..but i'm so lazy..haha..don't know me please..!!!you are my spirit...:) 
shittt..why am i so lazy? huu..stopped..tired to typing already..hisy...

To you Renny Azie..!

Allow me to dreams with you
as i close my eyes and settle into the silence
when I breath the gently and allow my body to still
help me know power to dream and create perfection.

As i rest in your soft and loving embrace
help me trust that all is trully well and perfect
guide me through my breath into my heart
where love and oneness reside.

 As i consider the issues or questions in my life
help me settle the noise within my mind and
guide me to open to the unlimited possibilities
that exist right now for the perfect outcome.

Share your angelic perspective so that i may
find the highest solution for any situation
support me in following this inpired guidance
knowing it is born of love and blessed by you.

Reminds me to all ways seek the highest vision
help me unfold the most magnificent solution
allow me recognize your presence in this process
as i offer gratitude and love the one.

sorry, maybe i was not a good lover.
sorry, maybe i did not care.
sorry, maybe i make you feel sad.
sorry, maybe i have a painful words.
sorry, maybe i often do not understand.
sorry, i'm just a normal human.
because the weakness that, i often prayed and hope for opportunities available to you. may god bless our relationship. because no matter whoever you are, you fixed my lover.. !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I want you to remember..!

Your presence is a present to me
You are unique and one of a kind
Your life can be what you want it to be
Take the days just one at a time.

Count your blessings, not your troubles
You´ll make it through whatever comes along
Within you are so many answers
Understand, have courage, be strong.

Don´t put limits on yourself
So many dreams are waiting to be realized
Decisions are too important to leave to chance
Reach for your peak, your goal, your prize.

Nothing wastes more energy than worrying
The longer one carries the problem, the heavier it gets
Don´t take things too seriously
Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets.

and don't ever forget..for a even a very special you are for me..!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I want you to know how amazing you are..!

I want you to feel really good about who you are, about all the great things you do. i want you to appreciate your uniqueness, acknowledge your talents and abilities. realize what a beautiful soul you have, understand the wonder within. you make so much sun shine through and you inspire so much joy in the lives of me is lucky enough to know you. you are a very special person, giving so many people a reason to smile. you deserve to receive the best in return and one of my heart´s favourites is that, the happiness you give away will come back to warm you each and everyday of your life..
sorry if i have hurt you..never reveal the words okay... and please trust me..i need your trust...:( 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ranking of blogger..!

   blogger title                                                                              point

1. Akikalawon                                                154
2. Jejari pitik                                                  122
3. Syai ezal ryzal                                             117
4. Inspiration of faith                                       111
5. Some things just feel                                     98
6. Nothing at all                                              96
7. The jyn roaring stories                                  82
8. Exquisite                                                     76
9. Anna                                                          75
10. 4-shared lipomola                                       74

11. My random thoughts                                    62
12. Loatieshahave                                              60
13.Only me                                                      56
14. Elie sanora                                                  54
15. Caterpillarcantgofarbutcanalwaysdream  53
16. Simply imperfect life                                     50
17. Jut                                                             46
18. Suara hati                                                    44
19. Butterfly-fy                                                  38
20. Zedliciouslover                                            31
21. Bembem story                                             29
22. Its all about me                                           28
23. Something for nothing                                 26
24. Chenta life                                                  25
25. Always be mine                                           22      

bulan depan kedudukan blog akan dikemaskini lagi...
haha...kamu tak perlu tertanya2 kenapa saya buat macam suka2 seja nie..
just mau buat kelainan baa..muahaha..bkn apa..saja mau try belajar/menilai sesuatu benda/perkara(mcm nie blog yg sy nilai knun)..haha..jdi nie lar hasil penilaian sy knun..blog2 yg slalu sy kunjungi/lawat knun..hehe..teda plih kasih ada cara trsndiri nilai blog org...haha..ingat !! just suka2 nie..^_*..peace no war....haha..teda2 blik dlu..nti kena kasi tngl bus pula..huuu..daaA..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be mine..!

Yesterday, we met..^_*.before i'll back at my hometown(keningauku tercinta) this morning..i do not know to say anything..but that is so sweet moment to be kept in our memories together..i'll never forget i have attach a picture..lets see the picture..^^

be mine

Do we match?^_*..hmm..yeah..actually, and honestly..this is our first picture..before this, we never take a picture together..i really love this girl..and reminder..!! no one can stop my feelings for this girl..never..i will do the best for her as long as i am still the same time, i hope her also did like me...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!! peace.:)

Generaly, for me.. every human life has meaning because of the value that he is able to add to everything that he does and every relationship he is involved with...values are the natural power of good within each one of us. values form the basis of our relationships and growth...we enrich our own lives and the lives of those around us when values come into play...focusing on these positive qualities/values helps us to transform old attitudes, to gain fresh perspectives and find unexpected answers...they free our path from obstacles and make clear life's opportunities...

hey you..please wait a moment..i still have a something to share in my mind right now...many things playing in my mind now..this is very important and must to share..its free to read payment at all..i don't care if you want to copy and paste my words..its not important to me...really don't care okay..i admit that my english language is very weak/low..i realize that...but i hope you can understand okay...although i will try to do the best that you can understand...thanks if you still read this...waa..what do i say this ? that is talk about something silly? or nonsense? waaa...sometimes i don't understand what i wrote..but i still write..whatever do you think.....

when things go wrong, it is easy to get into a bad mood and that bad mood has a way of affecting our life for days to the same way, when we feel badly about ourselves, we tend to act in ways that can negatively influence the next several days... while it is important to allow ourselves to feel what we feel, we do not have to completely surrender to a dark mood or feelings.. the more we simply allow and accept our darkness as one part of the picture, the more easily we can also allow and accept our light...we can temper our grey moods with an injection of sunshine sending good wishes to ourselves for the next 24 hours...

if you feel a bad mood coming or have negative feelings, take a moment to acknowledge that, and recognize that things can and will change, and that you can still have a good day, or a good week...this is a great way to support ourself when you are working through tough times and hard feelings...when you visualize good things for yourself, you are sending yourself love and warmth, as well as encouraging yourself to keep going…
before you even get out of bed in the morning, you can take the time to send good wishes to yourself all the way through to the next morning...take the time to fill in the details...where you are going, who you will see, what you will do and send love and good wishes ahead to yourself, as well as everyone you will be like arriving in a new place and finding that an old friend has sent a bouquet of flowers from back home to welcome you and remind you that you are loved....

huh..i'm tired to be like this..tired to typing..haha..arghh..

Take the power to choose what you want to do, and do it well.
Take the power to love what you want in life,and love it honestly.
Take the power to control your life, because no one else can do it for you.
Take the power to make your life, healthy, exciting, worthwhile and very happy...

done..huh..thanks for reading...for two weeks i can't blogging, i can't online, i can't seeing her, we can't met..huh..hated this..all that because i was on holiday...and i'm sure i will miss you RENNY AZIE..everyday, every minute, everysecond, and everytime...can i? nothing i can do..only to be patient...Dear God, pray for us, our realtionship...please don't give us trials...give us the trust of each other...also pray for my family and  all my friends...protect us..Love you all...!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Sometimes we just feel everything and nothing all at once. sometimes we will find ourself smiling while missing someone at the same time. at times we can absolutely love a person, all the while wanting to hate them. life comes without guaranttes. except that smiling will brighten our face, laughing will enhance our eyes, and love will change our life...iskh..tomorrow i will go back to the village..i have two weeks holiday..i feel so for two weeks i can't seeing her and can't see each other..hopefully the time will quickly passes..haha..

~~Renny Azie, although you're away in my eyes, but you're always close to my heart~~♥♥♥

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The words..!

To love is nothing..
To be loved is something..
To love and to be loved is everything...!

Who can explain love? it's a feeling... it's someone... it's is,  when that someone is with you giving the most beautiful feeling to your life... for me, this is love ! the words "i love you" are not for anyone to say from their mouth to their beloved one. it's a feeling that we can whisper to each other from heart to heart without saying it aloud...
I laugh, i love, i hope, i try, i hurt, i need, i fear, i cry,. and i know you do the same things, we're really not that different, me and you. may our love always bloom in the heart, i don't want just a dream while sleeping, but i wish it happens in reality environment..

V♥lue of rel♥tion..!

Is not that how much you feel with someone, but it is that how much someone feels alone without his you agree with me? haha..whatever do you think..i don't care..haha

Life is full choices
Make sure you pick the right one
Don't listen to the voices
Hear only yours and you heart
Many people will tell you
You need to change your looks
Don't take to heart their view
There is only one voice that you should listen to
It will help make the right choice
That is perfect just for you
Your looks are your own
Someone will always love you
You will never be alone
Look in the mirror and you'll see who you...

where are you Renny Azie..? I  you...I miss you..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cint♥ ..!

i want to share something that really meaningful..hahaa..just read think, does "CINTA SEJATI" still exist? does the "CINTA MATI" that exists? i just says nonsense? or maybe you think i talk about something is silly? hmm  whatever lar..these are my thoughts..and my own may not agree with me..but for me, "CINTA SEJATI" is still exist and "CINTA MATI" will never exist..!!! haha..

Nama lain dari keteguhan hati
Untuk selalu letakkan kekasih di sudut hati
Demi sebuah pelayaran yang dilalui
Menuju pulau kebahagiaan

Itulah erti cinta sejati
Ombak suka dan duka
Selalu menjanjikan nikmat
Bila dirasakan oleh dua hati
Apabila disatukan menjadi satu

Cinta diungkapkan secara lisan
Sebab cinta adalah bunga-bunga perasaan
Hanya sikap perasaan yang berhak menjelaskannya
Jangan pernah hadirkan cinta dengan paksa
Kerana ia akan memakan diri sendiri

Ianya akan tumbuh pada pilihan yang tepat
Maka taburkanlah benih cinta di ladang kesucian jiwa
Lalu siramlah dengan air kasih sayang
Agar tumbuh dan mekar selalu.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My feel on holiday..!

If D'masiv sang "cinta ini membunuhku"
i also sang  "rindu ini membunuhku". love does not kill, but miss...haha..maybe..
oOoOhHh misssssssssss...why you make me be like this?
why make me suffer in alone?
i think this post should be written at the time of holiday later..kan..kan..kan..hehe..but suka hati saya lar..haha..but i think this is my feeling when i was on holiday soon..i'm sure.

Voice to heard, beautiful panorama, to seen, but true love, to feel, by a pure heart free from lust and passion. i love the other an inscription that awakened in the coastal tempest. one thing that made it stood, was always faithful for resolution, either love or sorrow came to decorate the day approaching. love is sharing because they are! although buried in two souls, a pair of lovers just have a heart...

goodbye august, hi to september !

in a few days, can be said to be busy..hahaa..knun lar..muahahaa..just want to update my blog..nie pn mcm malas nie tapi men paksa jaa mungkin..hahahaa..nothing to do quickly time passes oO..a lot of things like i week is holiday..2 weeks lagi tue..hmm..tidak lama lagi bulan 10 sudah..memang sah masa skrg cepat berlalu..increasing age..muahaha..masih muda lagi baa..still 20..hahaaa..apa lagi mahu tulis ar..let me think first..a moment will have a new post..